Key Projects/実績

Key Projects


Biomass Boiler Project with Vesta in Miyagi 2019-(including business trips to Austria and Germany)

Osteopathy Course by Fulcrum Osteopathic Study Group 2019

Osteopathy Course by Fulcrum Osteopathic Study Group 2018

Anthroposophic Remedial Educator’s Course

Anthroposophic  Curative Educator’s Course

 Case Study Courses at Japan Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine     

Institute for Food Technologists / Japan Section    

International Postgraduate Medical Training Japan Flavour and Flagrance Materials Association

Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science

Ki-No-Igaku-Kai (Association for Qi Medicine )

Leier Kyo-Kai (Association of Leier Players)

NHK  Broadcasting Culture Research Institute Omochabako. Co. Ltd

Project Adventure 

Storytelling Project  with Nick & Emily Hennessey in Fukushima

The Extra Lesson ™

Tomatis ™(Audio Vocal ) Method