We are really thankful that we could create  a DVD booklet  only with a few steps of editing. This is not possible with an amateur interpreter. We saved so much of our time and money. ( Ms.Y,  educator, Kanagawa)

Not having Yukiko means dumping our products and courses. ( Mr.T, educator, Yokohama )

Yukiko is the symbol of  our pride we take in our courses. ( Ms. S, therapist, Yokohama )

She fully passes our love for our products to the participants. That is why they respond so positively. ( Ms. G, organic producer, Germany )


Yukiko follows my melody  with her voice. I can feel that she maintains the order of images. When she said Ohgaras, meaning a raven in Japanese, I was aware she was seeing the image of a raven. Her voice carries images. Some people say storytelling is not possible to interpret. That’s true it is not what anybody can do but some special persons can.  I do not tell stories in a language that people do not fully understand. I do not want to tell stories to blank faces. That is why I always ask her to translate. ( Mr. A, stage performer and teacher , UK )

If you do not translate for me, I will not come back to Japan. (Ms. V, life coach, UK )

I am convinced she understands what is essential. I do not understand Japanese but I am so convined. ( Mr. S, educator, US )

Some Japanese people told me that amateur interpretation is good enough for spiritural fields. I do not think so. They just make up thier own stroy to fill the gap they do not understand. They should have a listen to Yukiko. ( Mr. C, teacher and storyteller , UK )

It feels strange to speak on my own. I am now so used to the comfortable rhythm of  our voice canon with her. ( Mr. W, teacehr and artist, UK )


Yukiko has blown my image of interpretation away and left me in a shock state. I myself am an interpreter and do know many other interpreters but she is exceptional. (Ms. N, interpreter, Tokyo )

Once you are used to Yukiko’s interpretation, you cannot stand AN interpreter. She is THE interpreter. ( Mr. T, CEO, Yokohama )

The moment she opened her mouth,  I realized she was different. (Ms. W, language instructor, Fukushima )

I was amazed when she was interpreting for a storyteller. I decided to take her course as I want to be like her. ( Ms. N, college student, Tokyo )

As a good English speaker, I never appreciated any interpreter until  I listened to Yukiko. She was  so accurate yet natural and fluent. She showed me how my English was fragile. ( Mr. N, life coach, Osaka )

Before application I made sure Yukiko was interpreting for us or otherwise I would not come. ( Ms. H, occupational therapist, Gumma )

Your interpretation is not just artistic but  art itself. ( Dr. Y, medical doctor, Yokohama )

I simply enjoy her resonant voice.  In a long course, interpreter’s voice quality matters. She is the best. ( Mr. W, therapists, Kanagawa )

 When I asked a question in Japanese, I knew I was confused. But the moment when I heard myself in her English, I was amazed at its clarity and simplicity. She sees through my mind!  ( Mr. T, high school teacher, Sendai )